Our Roots

Yasa is the materialization of more than 40 years of experience in the floriculture industry. As cultivators, we focus on the attention to detail and the work executed with precision.

Our company was founded 15 years ago with the purpose of producing high quality products for international markets. Our workers are passionate people who feel responsible for their own future. We believe in the unlimited human capacity to improve, along with good team work and the right technology.

The chrysanthemums still amaze us. For this reason, we continue feeling passion for our work.

Our Farm

We are located in the savannah of Bogota. We specialize in the production of chrysanthemums and we are always aiming to be the best ones at it.

We take full advantage of our 15 hectares, along with the technology and methods developed by the company, with the unique goal of producing excellent quality stems and most importantly, in a consistent manner.

Our Treausre

At Yasa, our greatest wealth are our employees, people responsible and committed to their future. We employ around 200 people, 70% of them are mothers heads of household who thanks to their work manage to provide for their families. Our flowers are the result of passionate hearts, skillful hands, and brilliant minds in continuous growth.

Our workers are the ones who project the brilliance of the company and contribute with the ideas. Thanks to their genius and perseverance, we accomplish our goals.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology constitute our biggest competitive advantage. With an outstanding productive infrastructure and a state-of-the-art equipment, we provide the best tools to our team in order to guarantee the production of high quality chrysanthemums.

We know that the maximum quality is only achieved when the entire process is controlled and monitored, starting with the selection and propagation of all the vegetal material used in the farm. YASA has its own meristems laboratory, in order to guarantee premium quality chrysanthemums that last longer in the vase.